Why is Hassan missing from EACC list, asks Sam Shollei

April 13, 2015 3:38 pm

, SAM-SHOLLEINAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 13 – Standard Group CEO Sam Shollei has questioned the exclusion of the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) chairman Issack Hassan from the list of public officials being probed for alleged corruption.

Shollei said it was suspect that Davis Chirchir and former IEBC Deputy CEO Wilson Shollei are being investigated for failure to comply with procurement laws in sourcing Electronic Voter Identification Devices yet Hassan has been spared.

According to UK prosecutors, two Smith and Ouzman directors paid bribes code-named “chicken” in communication with their local agent, to the defunct IIEC officials to influence the award of tenders to the printing firm.

“Ahmed Issack in the chicken gate saga has been named as a conspirator, why wasn’t his name on the list.”

Shollei continued: “My brother (Wilson) who used to work here was charged because he did his work, in fact he should have received a Head of State commendation for handling the last election the best way possible. He was the only one who didn’t sleep for 30 days, but because of the politics at EACC, they had to charge one person leaning towards CORD, who was Mr (James) Oswago and on the other side either Shollei or Hassan but because Hassan is protected by this institution that is why his name is not mentioned.”

Apart from Chirchir and Hassan, other individuals who were questioned by EACC included Oswago and former Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) chief executive officer Paul Wasanga.

Others are lawyer Ken Nyaundi, who was also a commissioner at the defunct Interim Independent Electoral Commission (IIEC) and Trevy Oyombra, a local agent.

They are all accused of receiving bribes from the directors of S&O who were sentenced by a London court.

Hassan, Oswago, Wasanga, Oyombra and Nyaundi have denied any involvement in the scandal in which some officials asked for kickbacks and prices of printing tenders to be inflated.

Shollei has further denied that he threatened EACC boss Mumo Matemu him if pursued investigations against his wife, Gladys Shollei, during her tenure as the Chief Registrar of the Judiciary.

He admitted contacting Matemu but only to ask him to conduct proper investigations instead of engaging in a witch-hunt against his family.

“I asked that guy (Matemu) since I am the dearest person to Ms Shollei; I asked him come and do a lifestyle audit but don’t charge people and then say you are doing a lifestyle audit. If there is one thing a man must do is that you protect your family. I will never allow it, my wife never stole any money,” he said.


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