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Linturi must clear-up Sh100mn bribe puzzle – ODM MPs

Linturi was the sponsor of the motion which had initially received support of a number of legislators, many of whom later backed down/FILE

Linturi was the sponsor of the motion which had initially received support of a number of legislators, many of whom later backed down/FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya Apr 1 – Opposition MPs are now demanding answers from Igembe South MP Mithika Linturi over claims of a Sh100 million bribe which was allegedly paid to MPs to support an impeachment motion against Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru last year.

The MPs led by Deputy Minority Whip Chris Wamalwa who were contributing to the President’s State of the Union address, said the House should not be condemned collectively.

Linturi was the sponsor of the motion which had initially received support of a number of legislators, many of whom later backed down.

“We have seen what has happened to Marianne Kitany (the Deputy President’s Chief of Staff), that Sh100 million was given to bring down Anne Waiguru; we need to know which MPs were given this Sh100 million for that motion,” Wamalwa demanded.

“We need, Linturi to tell us what happened to that motion and who were the people behind the motion. Is he the one who was given the Sh100 million and who are these who were given?” he added.

Suba MP John Mbadi, who is also ODM Chairman, questioned the role of the Deputy President’s Chief of Staff in the impeachment motion as alleged in the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission’s confidential report handed to parliament by the President last Thursday.

“This lady is not even an accounting officer in the office of the Deputy President. Secondly, how did Sh100 million leave the office of the DP without him knowing? Lets us not hoodwink that we are fighting people and we are just scandalizing people,” Mbadi stated.

The legislators were contributing to debate on the speech and the list of shame containing names of senior officers who are under probe by the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission.

Mount Elgon MP John Serut said he has not been able to sleep since he was named in the much hyped confidential report. Serut who is accused of mishandling funds meant for a school claims the charges were based on concocted evidence.

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“If you are labeled a corrupt person, Madame Speaker, you will not sleep. The EACC should first check their facts, because being labeled corrupt is nightmare and an issue of integrity under Chapter 6 (of the Constitution) which may lead to one being barred from seeking any elective posts,” he said.

They said this as three MPs named in the confidential report came out to defend themselves against allegations leveled against them.

Siaya Senator James Orengo, who is adversely mentioned in the dossier presented by President Uhuru Kenyatta to Parliament said the commission was misled on the particulars of some of the cases it is pursuing.

Orengo said he has never been summoned by the anti-graft body to provide details of a case, where the commission accuses him of allocating himself a parcel of land.

“I have got a Title to this land that belonged to my father. What I simply did was to ask the Commissioner of Lands, could this land be allocated to me since my two mothers have died and my only surviving siblings have no objection? I simply made a request and as we speak today the land has never been allocated to me,” he said.

He also denied receiving favours during his tenure in charge of the lands docket, from a prominent Asian family living in Jinja, Uganda.

“These investigations started in 2012, October. I have not been asked to record a statement on this issue and the truth of the matter is that I have never traveled from Nairobi to Jinja in a chopper,” he said in reference to allegations in the EACC dossier.

“I have never been in contact with this family other than knowing them as an old Kisumu family,” Orengo stated.

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