Let’s not forget our roots – Kirubi

April 13, 2015 3:43 pm
Dr Kirubi with Kiambu Deputy Governor Gerald Githinji and his wife/FRANCIS MBATHA
Dr Kirubi with Kiambu Deputy Governor Gerald Githinji and his wife/FRANCIS MBATHA

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 13 – Capital Group Chairman Dr Chris Kirubi has called on Nairobians to contribute to development projects in their home counties.

Dr Kirubi who spoke at the unveiling of an electrification project he financed in Kiambu County, said county governments could not be expected to shoulder the responsibility of developing previously underdeveloped areas alone.

“We often get so busy living our lives in Nairobi that we sometimes forget where we came from. We forget our elders, mothers, and the problems they face and yet we’re often in a position to help,” he said at Ngecha Health Centre whose connection to the electricity grid he financed.

Even so, he made clear, his sentiments should not be seen as encouragement to the county governments to slacken.

All public officers, he said, should make it their mission to provide quality services to those whose welfare they are charged with.

“This dispensary for example,” he said, “should provide free medication to the 12,000 residents of Ngecha and not be misappropriated by hospital staff for sale. Kenya cannot progress if everyone in government exploits their positions to enrich themselves.”

Kiambu Deputy Governor Gerald Githinji concurred with Kirubi on both counts saying they are open to partnerships that would enhance their efforts at bringing public services closer to their residents he also called on Kiambu residents to report cases of poor service delivery.

“The ward administrator has just given you his name and number. If you come here and you’re asked to pay for medicine which should be free, give him a call,” he said.

And in response to public outcry, he said, the county government was in the process of establishing a kidney centre.

“Last week we had visiting doctors from Toledo University of the United States and together we’re going to start providing kidney transplant services and dialysis to take the pressure off Kenyatta National Hospital,” he said.

Ngecha Health Centre which was opened on January 29 is now able to provide in-patient services and maternal services following its connection to the electricity grid.

“We are now able to store baby immunisations in the fridge and our manhole covers are no longer the target of petty thieves,” the chairman of the health facility, David Muni, said in appreciation of Dr Kirubi’s contribution to their operations.


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