Activists pile pressure on Duale over terror list

April 19, 2015 1:46 pm

, ADEN-DULE-DANDORANAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 19 – Pressure continue to mount for the National Assembly Majority Leader Adan Duale to resign, with the civil society groups now calling on the government to push him out.

This follows a statement by him and other North Eastern leaders that they would reveal the sympathisers and financiers of Al Shabaab terrorists in Kenya.

The National Civil Society Congress leader Morris Odhiambo is questioning why the leaders had to wait until the Garissa massacre before taking action.

“MP Duale and his colleagues must answer the following questions; what do they know about terror networks? For how long have they known it and why is it that they never revealed this information before the Garissa attack?,” Odhiambo said during a media briefing on Sunday.

However earlier this week the Garissa Town MP said he would not give in to public pressure adding that the issue has been derailed and is now being politicized.

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But Odhiambo says Duale should not be ‘busy’ defending himself but work with the North Eastern leaders in giving the information of the Al Shabaab sympathisers as they promised Kenyans.

He adds that the issue of terrorism has nothing to do with politics but ensure that Duale and other leaders take responsibility and fulfill give the pledged list.

“We are not blind to the politics. The question here then is how do we balance political priority, and the reality of how we are supposed to fight insecurity in this case,” Odhiambo argued.

In a press conference on April 6, North Eastern Leaders led by Duale pledged they would identify, document and expose all the members, financiers and sympathizers of Al Shabaab within one month.

They also promised to undertake a review of all personalities and institutions involved in religious activities that include mosques, madrasas, duskis and other institutions pointing out that they may have had some role in radicalization of the youth to join the Al Shabaab sect.


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