Nairobi worst hit by crime, Isiolo lowest

February 25, 2015 7:33 am


Isiolo County recorded the lowest with 292 cases of crime/FILE
Isiolo County recorded the lowest with 292 cases of crime/FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 25 – New statistics released on Wednesday show that Nairobi was worst hit by crime in the past year with 6,732 cases of crime while Isiolo County recorded the lowest at 219 incidents.

In Nyanza region, cases of crime increased by 22 percent while the Eastern part of the country insecurity reduced by 32 percent.

There were 69,736 crime incidents recorded countrywide in the year under review, representing a decrease of 2,456 compared to 2013.

Nakuru County had 4,525 cases, Kiambu 4,449, Mombasa 2,946, and Murang’a 2,501 cases.

The country experienced decreases in the following offences; vehicle and other theft 392 cases; theft by servant 423 cases or 16 percent; robbery 540 cases or 15 percent; stealing 1,413 cases or 12 percent; breaking 741 cases or 12 percent; other penal code offences 600 cases or 10 percent; homicide 229 cases or 8 percent and theft of livestock 117 cases or 6 percent.

However increases were noted in criminal damage at 105 cases (3 percent), other offences against persons 567 cases (3 percent), offences against morality 405 cases (8 percent), economic crimes 287 cases or 10 percent, and dangerous drugs 534 cases or 12 percent.

The major causes of insecurity as identified in the report include; communal conflicts, terrorism, radicalisation of youths in Mombasa, Mombasa Republican Council activities, cattle rustling, drug trafficking and proliferation of small arms and light weapons.

Acting Inspector General of Police Samuel Arachi who released the figures said a 3 percent drop in crime was recorded countrywide.

With corruption being a major hurdle in the war against insecurity, Arachi warned that tough measures will be adopted against officers caught engaging in graft.

“Let me make this announcement, any officer caught in corruption issues will first be sacked. You will not go to court as a police officer,” he warned.

He revealed that soon they” will be issuing out the first batch of police officers who will be dismissed for engaging in corruption and then they will be taken to court.”

On corruption, the report indicates that, “In order to ensure accountability and ethical conduct by police officers, measures have been put in place in liaison with other stakeholders. Further to punitive measures taken, cases that emerge with little evidence that do not warrant prosecution are dealt with departmentally.”

Interior Ministry Principal Secretary Monica Juma has however assured of the government’s commitment to improve the security sector mobility and legislative policies.

“The threat that is upon us is serious,” she stated.

She defended the government against accusations of infringing on human rights through the recently enacted security laws saying they were only meant to protect Kenyans.


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