Teenager with fake gun interrupts Dutch TV, is overpowered

January 30, 2015 7:42 am


The man moments before he is arrested in the studio, at the Media Park in Hilversum/AFP
The man moments before he is arrested in the studio, at the Media Park in Hilversum/AFP
THE HAGUE, Netherlands, Jan 20 – A teenager armed with a fake gun disrupted Dutch television on Thursday evening when he forced his way into the building of public broadcaster NOS and demanded airtime before being overpowered by police.

The 19-year-old, speaking Dutch and carrying a black pistol which police later said was a fake, could be seen pacing next to a desk in an empty studio before being arrested, in footage later shown on NOS.

The NOS building in the central city of Hilversum was evacuated. The incident interrupted NOS’s 8pm (1900 GMT) newscast, with a message on screen telling viewers no broadcast was “available at this time”.

A spokesman for the prosecutor’s office said at a press conference that the man, aged 19, came from the town Pijnacker near The Hague and was in police custody.

NOS broadcast a short video of the incident after coming back on air. READ: Suspects in Charlie Hebdo attack well-known to anti-terror police

Wearing a dark suit, white shirt and dark tie, the young man could be seen speaking calmly to someone off-camera as he claimed to represent a “hackers collective”.

He can be heard telling the man that he “wanted to talk about things that are of world importance”.

“We were hired by intelligence services. We have heard things that call society into question,” he said.

“Once my message has been sent, we’ll shake hands and you’ll be able to go home.”

He immediately dropped his weapon and raised his arms when five armed officers stormed in to restrain him, yelling at him to drop the gun.

“I dropped it, I dropped it,” he replied off-screen.

A police voice was then heard saying: “The situation is under control.”

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