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Kilonzo Jnr at CID over father’s autopsy tampering

Mutula told Capital FM News that he was already at Mazingira House for a session with the detectives but he did not offer more details/FILE

Mutula told Capital FM News that he was already at Mazingira House for a session with the detectives but he did not offer more details/FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 13 – Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior has sparked off fresh controversy over the death of his father Mutula Kilonzo, claiming samples used in his autopsy were tampered with.

The Senator who recorded a statement with the police on Tuesday says his father was possibly poisoned because he died of what he described as catastrophic bleeding.

“I strongly believe that that there was cover-up and interference and the sole purpose of attempting to interfere with my father’s samples is so that we do not get a conclusive finding of the cause of death. The Chief Government Pathologist had confirmed that in fact, because of technical challenges in the country, they could not get a detailed toxicology report,” he told journalists after recording a statement at the CIDheadquarters on Tuesday.

He emphasised that the over 100 samples presented to a British Pathologist had been interfered with because they were not even sealed.

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“This substance can only be a poisonous substance that if it gets into your system would cause your brain, muscles, heart, liver and pancreas to bleed. There was almost three litres of blood in my father’s lungs. At the time I found him, on pressing his chest blood was even oozing from his nostrils,” he said.

He pointed out that the matter was raised by the British Pathologist immediately after receiving the samples.

“There appears to have been some correspondences back and forth as to whether he could get other samples. I had requested on behalf of the family that because they had taken over 100 samples that they be kept in several places. What I do not know is the basis by which all the samples except the one being handled by the Government pathologist ended up in one package to Britain. It appeared untidy and unprofessional on the part of the pathologist,” he stated.

“I am talking about the samples collected after the post-mortem. The samples that we collected in my father’s room were the food he ate, the foam on his mouth, the blood that was on his bed sheets. However the samples that we are referring to were the samples of his stomach, liver, pancreas, brain and muscles.”

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He explained that the initial post-mortem confirmed that there was over three litres of blood in his father’s lungs when he died and as a result, he died of excessive bleeding, but what as a family they were concerned with is what substance caused the haemorrhaging.

“If it were prescriptive drugs, then we will also know. That matter is still being investigated so that then it can be determined whether there were prescriptive drugs in his system and whether they are the ones that caused his death,” he stated.

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He implied that there seems to have been foul play with those concerned not wanting the truth to emerge.

“The persons who have interfered with my father’s samples are determined to ensure that we never actually get to the actual cause of the substance that caused him to die but it is fair that the country knows that my father died of unnatural circumstances which led him to bleed in such a manner that in fact all the pathologists and doctors said that they had not seen before, ever,” he said.

He stressed that the matter should be speedily investigated and concluded so that the family may gain closure.

“The issue is being raised now because as a family we have decided that this process must be done properly. My father was an orderly person and the investigations into his death must be done in a proper manner,” he stated.

The former Makueni Senator was found dead in his Maanzoni home in April, 2013.

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