Court to rule on challenge to its role in teachers pay row

January 26, 2015 12:22 pm

TSC through its lawyer Allan Situma however defended the intent of the application saying it was not meant to scuttle the talks but to bring clarity to the process so that all parties could read from the same page.

“As we try to resolve the dispute, we will adhere to the law. Certain things may not be clear, one being the role being undertaken by the court since our thinking was that it only should play a supervisory role in the dispute. We needed clarity of certain issues and they can only be realised if we have a hearing,” he stated.

Earlier in the month, the commission and teachers’ unions leaders agreed to have the dispute arbitrated in court which led to calling off a two-week strike that had paralysed learning in public schools.

Justice Nderi brokered the agreement and is expected to arbitrate and determine the matter.

In their submission, the teachers listed 39 demands with a salary increase of between 150 and 200 percent.

According to the proposal, the highest-earning teachers in job group R would be entitled to a monthly pay of between Sh282,705 and Sh321,705 up from between Sh109,089 and Sh138,501.

The lowest paid teachers in job group G would be entitled to between Sh58,863 and Sh68,355 up from between Sh16,692 and Sh24,304.

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