Zambia ruling party suspends acting president Scott

November 21, 2014 3:10 pm
Vice President Guy Scott has regularly stood in for the president at official events in recent months, but he is of Scottish descent which could make him ineligible to take over the presidency as his parents were not born in Zambia/AFP
Zambia ruling party suspends acting president Scott/AFP

, LUSAKA, November 21- Zambia’s governing Patriotic Front party on Friday suspended Guy Scott from the party, weeks after he took over as interim president of the country following the death of Michael Sata last month.

Scott will however remain acting president of the country.

The ruling party’s central committee accused Scott of “unconstitutional conduct” — slapping him with a two month suspension, in a new twist of political wrangling that has gripped Zambia since Sata’s death.

“The central committee of the Patriotic Front has decided to suspend Dr Guy Scott as acting president of the party for unconstitutional conduct and for abrogating the party constitution,” said committee member Malozo Sichone.

The party accused him of influencing favourable media coverage about himself.

The southern African country goes to the polls on January 20 to elect a new president, but Scott who had been vice president is not eligible to stand, because of his Scottish descent.

Early this month a senior PF leader, Newton Nguni, mounted a court bid challenging Scott’s appointment as interim leader.

Nguni wants Scott to surrender his position to Defence and Justice Minister Edgar Lungu who had been left in charge of the country by Sata when he left the country for treatment in Britain.


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