KNUT issues December 5 pay ultimatum

November 19, 2014 12:36 pm

He stated that the evaluation which was suggested by the TSC was in bad faith and showed their total lack of commitment to the ongoing talks.

“We had a return-to-work formula which did not envisage job evaluation before the salaries of the teachers are discussed and in any case the professional duties and job description of teachers are properly and sufficiently documented. It is only a person who has not gone to school who does not know what the duties of a teacher are,” he stated.

“So for anybody to wake up today and tie salary negotiations of teachers to job evaluation is a stranger in the education sector. I am wondering at what point the duties of civil servants do compare with that of teachers so as to justify the doctrine of salary harmonization which many people want to stick to. What teachers do is not equivalent to what civil servants do.”

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