‘Just move on’ ODM secretariat tells Magerer

November 13, 2014 2:51 pm
Rowdy Nairobi MCAs roughed Magerer out of the party headquarters two weeks ago. Photo/FILE
Rowdy Nairobi MCAs roughed Magerer out of the party headquarters two weeks ago. Photo/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 13 – Officials of the Orange Democratic Movement secretariat have launched a vicious attack on embattled Executive Director Magerer Lang’at accusing him of orchestrating the bungled party elections in February.

Acting Executive Director Joshua Kawino and Director for Political Affairs and Strategy Wafula Buke led officials from the party secretariat in calling on Lang’at to take responsibility for the chaos that erupted during the meeting after the delegates list was doctored.

“Mr Magerer Lang’at has no moral authority to talk about the party delegates list. He in fact should take responsibility for the bungled party national elections and the events that unfolded on February 28th 2014. He unilaterally doctored the list of the delegates to the National Delegates Convention (NDC) without the knowledge of the party organs set up by the Constitution. This mistake remains unforgivable,” Buke told a news conference held at the party headquarters.

The officials termed the recent outbursts by Lang’at a strategy to play to the public gallery by peddling lies which he cannot substantiate.

“Magerer is a blatant liar, deceitful, saboteur and a mole.” Buke added, “As the staff, we can only tell him to ‘accept and move on’. The party will remain intact and stronger.”

Buke added that the secretariat has been peaceful and staff working in harmony, “in the last two weeks Magerer has been away from the party headquarters.”

Lang’at has not reported back to his office after a section of the Nairobi Members of the County Assembly manhandled and forcibly ejected him from a parliamentary group meeting accusing him of being a Jubilee Coalition mole and leaking secrets to parties in competition with ODM.

The party is now demanding that Lang’at relinquishes party property and computer passwords which are in his possession as he waits for the outcome of the party’s disciplinary committee which is investigating circumstances that led to his attack.

“We are equally demanding that Magerer urgently avails the details and whereabouts of the party vehicle KBL 219M which has been under his custody for over one year. Again, he should disclose the password to the party’s main computer which has vital party information and which he has declined to share with anyone except for his secretary,” Buke said.

The officials further accused Lang’at of disregarding party resolutions, citing an incident where he declared himself the representative to the Political Parties Liaison Committee while the party leadership had indicated that Rosemary Kariuki (Director, Membership Services) to take up the position.

“He has on numerous occasions engaged in direct insubordination contrary to clear instructions from the party leadership consequently causing confusion at the secretariat. This is in addition to his abstention from all Saba Saba and Okoa Kenya rallies instead choosing to attend meeting and fundraisers organised by our political opponents,” the officials stated.


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