Busy first day for Ag President Ruto

October 7, 2014 11:56 am


Acting President William Ruto in his Office at Harambee House/COURTESY
Acting President William Ruto in his Office at Harambee House/COURTESY
NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 7- Acting President William Ruto spent the better part of Tuesday morning holding meetings at Harambee House as he took charge of the country in Uhuru Kenyatta’s absence.

The acting president first met Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua for a routine briefing in the morning before he met Cabinet Secretary for Information, Communication and Technology Fred Matiang’i.

The Acting President then held a meeting with Kenya National High Commission for UNESCO officials led by Dr. Evergiline Njoka who briefed him on preparations to celebrate 50 years of UNESCO in Kenya

The meeting was also attended by officials from the Education Ministry headquarters in Nairobi. The celebrations will be held in Paris, France, the headquarters of the organization.

Ruto is in charge after Uhuru Kenyatta left the country this morning for The Hague to attend tomorrow’s status conference of his ICC case.

Using powers given to him under Article 147 of the Constitution, the President appointed his deputy to be the Acting President during his absence.

“Let it not be said that I’m attending the status conference as the President of Kenya. Nothing warrants my being in court… I will go to The Hague on Wednesday not as President of Kenya. I invoke Article 147 by appointing Deputy President William Ruto as acting President of Kenya,” he said.

He explained that he arrived at the decision to travel to The Hague as an individual to ensure he preserves the sovereignty of Kenya and its democracy. He urged Kenyans to remain calm and focus on development to ensure the country is not held back by the case against him.

“I have chosen not to put the sovereignty of this nation on trial. I received notice to attend to a status conference at the ICC. This is not a time for us to be tense, it is time for us to be proud of the democracy we have built,” he said.

Kenyatta left the country for The Hague in The Netherlands to attend Wednesday’s status conference of his case at the International Criminal Court (ICC).



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