US marks Nairobi mall attack anniversary

September 21, 2014 1:28 pm
Commemorative 1 year anniversary  ceremony held outside Westgate, the scene of the bloody terrorist attack/CAPITAL FM
Members of the community unite for commemorative one year anniversary ceremony outside Westgate Mall in Nairobi September 21, 2014, the scene of the bloody terrorist attack occurred one year ago/CAPITAL FM

, WASHINGTON, September 21- The United States marked the anniversary Sunday of the Westgate Mall attack that killed 67 people in Nairobi, pledging to help Kenya fight extremist groups like the Shebab.

“As a strong and enduring partner, we will continue to support the Kenyan people in their efforts to improve their security and confront terrorism,” National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said.

“These cowardly acts of our adversaries will not shake our resolve,” she said.

At least four gunmen from the Somalia based Islamist group stormed the upscale mall on September 21, 2013, shooting shoppers and mall workers in a bloodbath that ended four days later with a massive fire.

Ahmed Abdi Godane, the Shebab chief who vowed to bring “rivers of blood” to Kenya, was killed earlier this month in a US air strike.


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