LSK tells Senate to respect court orders

September 27, 2014 5:44 pm


The Law Society of Kenya insists court orders must be obeyed. Photo/FILE.
The Law Society of Kenya insists court orders must be obeyed. Photo/FILE.
NAIROBI, Kenya Sept 27 – The Law Society of Kenya has faulted Senate Speaker Ekwe Ethuro over remarks he made accusing the Judiciary of undermining the House.

Ethuro had accused High Court judges of issuing orders which are inconsistent with decisions made by the Senate.

Speaking after chairing the LSK’s Special General Meeting on Saturday, Chairman Eric Mutua insisted that the High Court had the mandate to interpret the law on it discretion without coercion.

“When an institution such as the senate begins to think and talk in that kind of manner, then this, in our view, is the beginning of the breakdown of the rule of law and order in this country,” Mutua said in regard to Ethuro’s sentiments over an order allowing governors to snub senate summons.

Ethuro had hit out at the Judiciary for what he termed as an attempt to usurp powers of senate and impede the legislature from executing its oversight role.

Mutua however, disagrees, insisting that the “courts are independent.”

Ethuro had claimed that it has been difficult for the senate to carry out its legislative agenda because of the judiciary’s rulings, including one that reinstated Embu Governor Martin Wambora who had been impeached.

Ethuro and several other senators have lately said they do not recognize Wambora as the Embu governor “because as far as we are concerned he was impeached.”

Several governors have failed to honour summons issued by the senate, saying they have a court order.



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