Kenya will continue playing its global role – Uhuru

September 25, 2014 6:54 am


President Uhuru Kenya addresses UN General Assembly/PSCU
President Uhuru Kenya addresses UN General Assembly/PSCU
NEW YORK, Sept 25 —Kenya will continue playing its rightful role to shoulder its global and regional responsibilities, President Kenyatta pledged at the UN General Assembly.

The President said no country is too big or too small in size or economy to play its rightful role in making the world a better place for all.

“Kenya is a member in good standing of the international community and it intends to continue to shoulder its global and regional responsibilities,” he said when he addressed the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday afternoon.

The President’s address to the United Nations General Assembly, his first since coming into office, drew numerous applauses.

The President said Kenya has played a big role in the affairs of the United Nations this year having overseen several processes of the world body.

Kenya presided over the Conference of State parties of People living with Disabilities and has also presided over the United Nations Forest Forum. It has also co-chaired the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals.

Kenya is currently presiding over the UNICEF Board, as it seeks to provide global leadership for issues of concern to the world’s children and their well-being.

President Kenyatta also expressed his happiness with the many Kenyans who work for the United Nations both at its headquarters and also in peacekeeping missions as well as other UN stations around the world.

After addressing issues of global and regional implications that included epidemics, terrorism, climate change and development, President Kenyatta used his speech at the UN to expound on the transformational agenda of the Jubilee Government.

“We have re-engineered our system of governance, making it more democratic, inclusive, devolved and responsive,” he said.

The President said Kenya has significantly expanded participation in political and development processes. He said the Government has undertaken several measures to empower women, the youth and vulnerable groups to play a bigger role in society.

The President cited the financial initiatives and training programs for women and youth.
He also touched on how the Government has prioritised the advancement of children’s rights and welfare through initiatives that reduce mortality and morbidity.

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