iPhone 6 gets network access license in China

September 30, 2014 6:03 am


A staff member displays new iPhone 6 smartphones at an Apple premium reseller's shop in Taipei/XINHUA-File
A staff member displays new iPhone 6 smartphones at an Apple premium reseller’s shop in Taipei/XINHUA-File
BEIJING, Sept 30 – The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) said Tuesday that it has granted a network access license to Apple Inc.’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 6.

The license approval came after four models of the iPhone 6 passed 3C (China Compulsory Certification) certification, a mandatory certification system to inspect and approve various products to be sold in China, and won approval from the State Radio Regulation earlier this month.

The network access license together with the two other regulatory approvals means that the iPhone 6 can be sold in China.

The MIIT said in a statement that it made the decision to issue the license after getting reassurance from Apple that three background service programs, which reportedly had risks of personal privacy leaks, are only diagnostic tools that won’t be used maliciously.

In a document submitted to the ministry, Apple said that the company won’t be allowed to “interfere with” any personal information without clients’ approval, and it has already taken measures in its ios8 system to make it even more difficult for anybody to use the tools maliciously.

Apple also said it will improve security and privacy protection for its clients. The company said it has never and will never set up so-called “back doors” in any of its products or services in cooperation with any government organ of any country.

The MIIT said it pays great attention to protecting mobile phone users’ personal information and will strengthen security management of mobile phones, according to the statement.

The ministry will also enhance network access security review as well as supervision and inspection of products that are already licensed, saying any violation of regulations on personal information protection will be investigated and punished.


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