ODM’s Kariuki takes early lead in Mathare poll

August 11, 2014 4:40 pm

, K1-LEADSNAIROBI Kenya, Aug 11 – It was an early lead for the Orange Democratic Movement candidate Steven Kariuki in the Mathare by-election closely followed by The National Alliance’s George Wanjohi.

The two are the main challengers in the by-election which has seven other candidates, including four who are vying independently.

Some include Muthoni Macharia, William Omondi, Fwamba Cyrus, Nixon Kavai and Sammy Mudanya.

Here is the flow of the vote count as transmitted by Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission.

There are 115 polling stations in the constituency with 88,053 registered voters.

In 77 polling stations, Kariuki had 10,135 votes followed by Wanjohi with 8,734 votes.

In 73 polling stations Kariuki had 9,622 votes followed by Wanjohi with 8,203 votes.

In 68 polling stations, Kariuki had 8,911 votes followed by Wanjohi with 7,594.

In 63 polling stations, Kariuki had 8,258 votes against Wanjohi’s 7,137 votes.

In 62 polling stations, Kariuki had garnered 8,110 votes while Wanjohi had 7,016 votes.

In 58 polling stations, Kariuki got 7,655 votes followed by Wanjohi with 6,402.

In 53 polling stations, Kariuki had 6,828 votes followed closely by Wanjohi with 5,822 votes.

In 49 polling stations, Kariuki had 6,567 votes while Wanjohi had 5,538 votes.

In 46 polling stations Kariuki had 5,892 votes followed closely by Wanjohi at 5,277 votes. Omondi was a distant third with 87 votes only.

In 45 polling stations, Kariuki had 5,892 votes while Wanjohi had 5,161 votes.

Polling stations closed at 5pm on Monday, before vote counting got underway.

Voting had got off to a slow start, amid claims by the ODM contender that leaflets were being circulated to signal his withdrawal.


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