Union assures State workers of their job security

July 15, 2014 1:09 pm

, TOM-ODEGENAIROBI, Kenya, July 15 – The Union of Kenya Civil Servants has given the assurance that the interests of all workers will be considered during the capacity assessment and rationalisation of State workers set to kick off in November.

Speaking to Capital FM News on Tuesday morning, Secretary General Tom Odege lauded the initiative but indicated that no public servant will be victimised or forced to go on early retirement.

“The intention was not to tell the workers that their jobs are at risk. Our presence in the committee as a union should build confidence of our members because we cannot sit in a committee where their plight is not covered,” he stated.

“What we are doing in the committee is to ensure the safety of all Civil Servants in the Republic of Kenya and I can tell them without fear of contradiction that no civil servants will be forced out of employment,” he indicated.

Odege said that he is confident that the exercise will be conducted diligently with the aim of improving efficiency in the civil service.

“There is no looming retrenchment. When you look at the Press Release which was read by the Minister, it was crafted in such a way whereby there was no word like retrenchment in it,” he explained.

“We had to do it together and that is why I appended my signature to it. So the message I am confidently telling our members is that there is no retrenchment and no one should fear anything like retrenchment.”

Public Service Commission Chairperson Margaret Kobia had stressed that the aim of the exercise is to come up with optimum staffing and restructuring to ensure that productivity and efficiency is achieved.

Kobia said that the exercise aims to come up with optimum staffing and restructuring to ensure that productivity and efficiency is achieved in all 47 counties in the public service sector.

She had stated that all public servants are required to serve any part of the country according to the code of regulations.

She had indicated that ultimately, the implementation of the program will facilitate efficient and effective utilisation of the resources and build on the ongoing reform agenda of transforming the public service.

She pointed out that this will facilitate achievement of the governments’ commitments to the people of Kenya and facilitate the realisation of the Kenya Vision 2030.

The program is expected to contain the public wage bill and will be finalized in the next financial year 2014/2015.


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