Mudavadi offers to mediate Jubilee, CORD dialogue

June 8, 2014 12:36 pm


Mudavadi (Centre) with President Uhuru Kenyatta in this undated photograph. Looking on is former Vice President Moody Awori. Photo/FILE.
Mudavadi (Centre), shaking hands with President Uhuru Kenyattain this undated photograph. Looking on is former Vice President Moody Awori. Photo/FILE.
VIHIGA, Kenya Jun 8 – Amani Coalition leader Musalia Mudavadi has offered to lead talks for a national dialogue between Jubilee and CORD coalitions.

Mudavadi who came in a distant third in the March 2013 general election believes he is the honest broker required to moderate the debate on whether or not to hold a national dialogue on the challenges facing the country.

“I learnt a lot from the 2007 post election mediation under Kofi Annan and it takes sober leaders to reason together. Let’s not prepare to shed blood again,” he cautioned.

The former Deputy Prime Minister says the positions taken by Jubilee leaders President Uhuru Kenyatta and CORD’s Raila Odinga are polarizing the country after they both adopted hard line positions.

He said the issues at hand are monumental because they touch on insecurity, unemployment, high cost of living and national cohesion which affect the nation’s fabric.

“You cannot have a meaningful and genuine debate on National Dialogue when one side gives conditions and threats, and the other resorts to chest thumbing. I am ready and willing to stand between them and offer direction” the UDF leader said.

The United Democratic Party leader believes he is best suited to bring the leaders together to” speak in one language, for the sake of the country’s development” because his party stands for peace.

“As the Amani Coalition candidate, I campaigned on the platform of peace, national reconciliation and cohesion. I cannot sit back and watch the country torn apart. I will step in as an honest broker to mediate a genuine and honest national dialogue.”

The Head of State has warned he can only engage in talks with the opposition if they are willing to stick to development issues, but not election politics.

As a result, CORD leaders have vowed to stage countrywide mass protests on July 7.

“Leaders must first stop insults, accusations and pre-conditions and accept that Kenya cannot afford to go back to the violence that erupted in the country in 2007,” he warned, when he addressed mourners at the burial of Sabatia Women leader Tabitha Lukalo in Vihiga County.


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