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It’s an internal political war – Lenku

Part of a commercial building destroyed by attackers in Lamu on Sunday night attack/XINHUA

Part of a commercial building destroyed by attackers in Lamu on Sunday night attack/XINHUA

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 17 – Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Lenku is now warning of an elaborate internal war in the country, which he blamed on political incitement.

Lenku who spoke in Mpeketoni on Tuesday morning said they had established that the ongoing political rallies are leading to community mobilisation which is quickly spreading across the country.

“We are all going to all areas in Lamu County to ensure that we have confirmed and dealt with the situation. I however want to tell Kenyans that this is something that is being arranged across the whole country to ensure that Kenyans fight among themselves. So our enemy is within us not outside and so we will not continue to look outside for the perpetrators when those responsible are inside,” he stated.

He indicated that the government will not sit and watch politicians destroy the country, and that action will have to be taken.

He pointed out that the killings in Lamu since Sunday that have claimed 60 lives are a confirmation that the ongoing political rallies by the Opposition are polarising the country.

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“We are not going to speak politely or to pretend to abide by a certain code. There is no code to be followed in a time of war. We must first of all finish the enemy and then we come and talk our issues on the table. The thinking that CSs will not come out because they are not politicians is misguided. We are not talking about politics, we are talking about the security of our country,” he stated.

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He revealed that intelligence reports have shown that there is mobilisation in various other parts of the country, particularly Western Kenya.

“There are clear signs that there is some mobilisation not only in Lamu. We are also seeing some signs in Kakamega and Bungoma… political incitements. We are already seeing some undercurrents where some communities are being deliberately targeted. It is time for us to first of all deal with the enemy and then we come and talks around the table to say how we are going to move forward,” he said.

He hinted that certain individuals were mobilising their communities in a bid to cause disharmony among other Kenyans.

“I want to tell the country that the problem we have is elaborate and is intended to cause discord among our people. I also want to warn and very categorically so that some individuals are mobilising their communities in the guise that they want reforms so that blood can be spilt. Already this has happened in Lamu where many people have died in many parts of the country and this cannot be allowed to go on,” he indicated.

He urged all Kenyans to be vigilant and assist the government in identifying perpetrators of such heinous crimes who might be living among them.

“So it is important that as Kenyans we must be vigilant, the security is already in High alert since we will start seeing people trying to evict people from counties they consider to be theirs. This is wrong because all Kenyans have a right to live anywhere they want,” he stated.


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