We’ve found 10,000 missing files—Ngilu

May 11, 2014 9:13 pm


The central registry remains closed for the audit until May 19. Photo/FILE.
The central registry remains closed for the audit until May 19. Photo/FILE.
NAIROBI, Kenya May 11 – The Ministry of Lands and Housing on Sunday announced that it has managed to locate 10,000 missing in the ongoing audit of the Nairobi and Central Registries that commenced last week.

According to Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu, officials at the ministry had spent years locating them, thus frustrating members of the public seeking services there.

“Through the clean up we have been able to find many files. This is a major achievement for us,” Ngilu announced at a press conference on Sunday.

Ngilu has now warned cartels which had been operating at the Lands Ministry to be wary, because their days are numbered.

“Like somebody said to us, we are dealing with a very strong association called Kenya association of land grabbers and cartels, and I want to tell them that time is up,” she warned, adding “We will do clean business in this ministry henceforth to ensure every Kenyan is served diligently.”

The audit supported by President Uhuru Kenyatta that kicked off on Monday last week is expected to conclude on May 19.

The president made an impromptu visit to the ministry last week and commended Ngilu for conducting the audit, saying “We want to see a new and improved Lands Registry. I am monitoring the progress and you have the support of the Government.”

The National Lands Commission (NLC) is opposed to the audit and has already filed a case in court, arguing that the Cabinet Secretary is frustrating Kenyans by shutting the central registry for ten days.

Ngilu has defended the move, saying it is aimed at improving the quality of services offered to Kenyans.

“The reason is that we have decided to take audit of our registries, the total number of files in the registries is three million and it has become increasingly difficult for our officers to access the files and give effective services to the public,” she said, adding, “what we are doing is at the interest of Kenyans.”


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