Ruto tells CORD next national dialogue due 2017

May 31, 2014 4:03 pm

The Deputy President said if the opposition had issues with the government, they should present them through Parliament, saying they should not pretend that they can offer any help to the Government in implementing its development agenda.

“Let them know that we are not going to accept another quarrelsome arrangement. They should concentrate on what they were elected to do and stop pretending that they can help us implement our agendas,” he said.

“We will defend their right to say whatever they want to say but should respect our resolve to develop this country,” added Ruto.

The Deputy President at the same time said assured Kenyans that the Government will serve them without bias.

He maintained that no Kenyan will be discriminated on religious, tribal or political grounds, noting that it was the duty of Government to serve its people equally irrespective of how they voted during the last General election.

“We are clear on where we want to take this great country. Kenya belongs to the future and not the past,” said Ruto.

On security, the Deputy President said more than 2,000 police vehicles will be purchased during the next financial year to help security personnel respond to the security needs of the people.

Ruto wondered why the CORD leaders were criticizing the Independent Electoral and Boundary Commission (IEBC) over the manner in which it handled the last elections.

“IEBC was just a referee during the last election and if the Opposition leaders have any issues they should deal with the Jubilee administration and not IEBC,” said Ruto.

The MPs accused the opposition of planning rallies to incite Kenyans against the Government, adding that time for politics was over.

Metito said Kenyans are tired of leaders who engaged in politics even after the last election at the expense of development.

“It is time leaders concentrate on ways of solving the challenges facing Kenyans instead of engaging in endless politicking. The opposition should give Jubilee administration time to deliver and meet at the ballot come 2027,” said Metito.

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