Keep off Kasarani for now, police tell aid groups

April 8, 2014 3:56 pm

“He was scared of the police and that’s why they became suspicious of him; we are even with his brother here.”

Media efforts to access the stadium was also futile as police manning the gates said they had been ordered not to allow anybody inside.

“You have no business inside,” one of the officer said as we tried to enquire on the right procedures required for one to gain access.

Another directed us to the area police boss to get a letter of authorisation.

While police insist they are not mistreating the suspects picked up from Eastleigh and other parts of the city, some of the family members and Muslim leaders interviewed insist the suspects’ rights were being violated.

Mwinyi however said that no reports had been reported on police harassing some people.

“We are therefore asking any member of the public who is aggrieved in any manner to lodge a formal complaint to the nearest police station, the Internal Affairs Unit of the National Police Service or report directly to the Independent Policing Oversight Authority for such matter to be investigated,” he said.

Human Rights activist Al-Amin Kimathi who was among leaders denied access to the stadium is now appealing to the police to allow humanitarian organisations to visit the detainees.

“We need a multi-agency approach to this issue. The Kenyans authorities can do better by having a transparent process,” he said.

“We do support any legal activity ensured at maintaining security, law and order in this country and we want to see it done within the precincts of law.”

He cautioned that, “as ruthless as they should be, they need to uphold the international human rights standards so that we do not end up feeding to counterproductive resource where we fall prey to the machinations of extremists of either side of the divide.”

More than 100 suspects were arrested on Monday night and taken to the stadium where the screening process is underway for over 1,000 others arrested since last week.

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