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Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to visit Kenya

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Li will also pay an official visit to Ethiopia and the headquarters of the African Union, Nigeria and Angola/FILE

Li will also pay an official visit to Ethiopia and the headquarters of the African Union, Nigeria and Angola/FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 30 – Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is due to visit Kenya as part of his upcoming African trip.

Li will also pay an official visit to Ethiopia and the headquarters of the African Union, Nigeria and Angola.

He spoke to a group of journalists from Africa on the upcoming trip.

Q: Despite great changes in the world in the past 50 years and more, China-Africa relationship has remained strong and grown in strength. What has made this possible?

A: China-Africa relationship has a long history and is full of vitality. Since the 1950s and 1960s, our common historical experiences have brought China and Africa together, and we have forged deep friendship in our joint struggle during which we have supported each other in times of difficulty.

As a Chinese saying goes, it is easy to get a thousand pieces of gold but difficult to find a bosom friend. The Chinese people will never forget that it is our African brothers who carried us into the United Nations and we are always proud to have built the Tazara. Among all the international donations made to the people affected by the earthquake in Wenchuan, China in 2008, those from Africa were particularly appreciated; at the United Nations and other multilateral organizations, China has always voiced its strongest support in upholding the legitimate rights and interests of Africa and other developing countries. To us Chinese, the African people are always our good brother, good friend and good partner who are trustworthy and reliable. Having long overcome the barrier of geographical distance as well as cultural and social differences, China-Africa relationship has become a pacesetter of South-South cooperation featuring sincerity, mutual trust and harmony.

China-Africa cooperation has created vast space and strong driving force for our respective development endeavours. More importantly, it has contributed to elevating the overall status of developing countries and promoting human progress. China is ready to work with African countries to enhance strategic mutual trust, deepen cooperation in upholding peace and security, boost practical cooperation, strengthen cultural and people-to-people exchanges and make greater progress in building a new type of China-Africa strategic partnership.

Q: It is said that this is your first visit to Africa as China’s Premier. What is the purpose of your visit? What message do you want to send to the African people?

A: This is the first time that I set foot on Africa as Premier of China’s State Council and it is also my first foreign visit this year. I believe this visit will be one of cooperation and solidarity on the basis of past traditions. I will tread the path of friendship previously paved by the older generation of Chinese and African leaders, where I will feel the deep friendship based on solidarity and mutual assistance between the Chinese and African people, see for myself Africa’s dynamic economic and social development, and listen to the African people’s description of their expectation of good life in the future. I am more than ready to make concrete efforts to deepen

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