Man killed in blast while assembling IED in Eastleigh

March 30, 2014 4:39 pm


Building where an Improvised Explosive Device went off killing one person/MARGARET WAHITO
Building where an Improvised Explosive Device went off killing one person/MARGARET WAHITO
NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 30- A suspected terrorist died in an explosion in Pangani area in Nairobi after an Improvised Explosive Device he was assembling went off in his house.

Police say three other people escaped in a salon car soon after the blast went off on Sunday.

Nairobi police boss Benson Kibue who visited the scene of the incident said they have so far arrested one suspect who is helping the police with investigations.

“We are currently pursuing the other group but we already have one man who I believe will help us get the others,” Kibue said.

The house where the blast occurred is in a four-storey building that also hosts a madrassa called Al Bushraa Islamic Centre, which is on the ground floor.

“I was wearing shoes ready to get out when we heard a loud explosion. We all ran out because we were very scared. The whole building trembled,” a 10 year old boy who was in the madrassa at the time of the incident told Capital FM News.

The explosion caused major cracks in the walls of the building and shattered its windows.

“I was washing clothes outside my house across this road when I heard a loud blast. My neighbours came out and were telling me it’s a gas cylinder that exploded, but I doubted because we felt the impact. Then we later saw the police around,” Lucy Muthoni, who lives within the area, said.

Kibue said the body was found in the kitchen of the two-bedroomed house where the group was staying.

Starehe OCPD Barasa Wabomba said: “The deceased seem to have been preparing or testing the device that went off and killed him,” Wabomba said.

Bomb experts arrived at the scene moments later and collected several samples that confirmed the blast was caused by an IED.

Meanwhile police say the owner of the building had noticed unusual movements of youths into the affected house and sought to know who they were. She later decided to terminate their tenancy which was ending at the end of March as they looked suspicious.


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