Uganda says to gradually pull out from South Sudan

February 20, 2014 12:52 pm


A group of Sudanese forces taking charge/FILE
A group of Sudanese forces taking charge/FILE
KAMPALA, Feb 20 – Uganda will gradually withdraw its troops in South Sudan following the African Union (AU) decision to deploy a force there.

A Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement issued here late on Wednesday said Uganda is in agreement with the AU decision to deploy the African Capacity for Immediate Response to Crisis (ACIRC).

This is an outfit that would rapidly respond to crises, as and when they erupt on the continent.
It is a transitional mechanism pending the creation of the African Standby Force.

“Uganda has no desire to keep her troops on South Sudan soil longer than it is necessary,” the statement said.

“The deployment of ACIRC in South Sudan will facilitate Uganda’ s progressive withdrawal and/or redeployment,” it added.

The AU Peace and Security is expected to meet to work out modalities for deployment of ACIRC in South Sudan.

“We believe that the deployment of ACIRC is the most logical way to withdraw from South Sudan, without leaving a security vacuum that can be taken advantage of,” the statement said.

Uganda said it believes a political solution will bring about lasting and sustainable peace to South Sudan.

Uganda deployed its troops in South Sudan to prevent what it called a possible genocide.

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