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Summon Ocampo to ICC, demands Duale

Ocampo retired as the Prosecutor of the ICC and was succeeded by Fatou Bensouda. Photo/ FILE

Ocampo retired as the Prosecutor of the ICC and was succeeded by Fatou Bensouda. Photo/ FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 8 – Leader of the Majority Coalition in the National Assembly Adan Duale now wants the former International Criminal Court prosecutor Louis Moreno Ocampo to appear before the court as a witness in the case against three Kenyans.

Duale says the recent admission by Ocampo that some diplomats wanted him to bar Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto from contesting last year’s elections is proof that the case was political.

He argues the case was highly influenced by Western powers that were driven by their own political interests in the country.

“Today I am a happy man, I have been vindicated, and I have said from day one in 2009 that ICC cases facing Kenyans were a political case and not a legal case. It was about the General Election, it was about locking out William Ruto and President Kenyatta from contesting,” he charged.

“It was a scheme by western powers led by Americans, the British, French and Germans in collaboration with the ODM leader Raila Odinga.”

Duale also called upon Ocampo to name those diplomats who were influencing him during his tenure at the ICC.
He added that, “Ocampo is not talking of Indian envoy…they used USAID money, civil societies to coach fake Kenyan witnesses; we want an apology!”

He said it was now evident that no leader can win a Kenyan election through ICC.

“ICC cannot make anyone a president, not Raila Odinga or even President Kenyatta,” he said.

He appealed that Kenya and other African states should reconsider their engagement with the court saying it was, “Africa’s Guantanamo Bay.”

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Duale also rebuffed allegations by a section of Orange Democratic Movement leaders that the Jubilee coalition was interfering with ODM’s upcoming elections, dismissing the opposition party as a sinking ship.

Duale said the government was busy serving the people of Kenya and would not have time for small party politics.

Speaking to Capital FM News on Sunday, Duale urged ODM to desist from politicizing everything including their internal affairs.

“ODM is in ICU and what we can only wish them is quick recovery…we do not want to invest in a sinking ship,” he said. “When somebody is sick, you pray for him; we are praying for ODM.”

He even extended a word of advice to accompany his well wishes, “they should do what the Labour Party did in Britain after their leader tried for four times to become the Prime Minister of Britain and they lost.”

“What they did was to elect new vibrant leaders and they came to power. Let Raila retire, let the old guards retire- leave the party to a new leadership.”

He says the government is committed to delivering the promises it made during the General elections.

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