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My faith led me to forgive Kidero – Shebesh

Shebesh said the wrangles were deterring the county progress as the two leaders were not working as one/CFM

Shebesh said the wrangles were deterring the county progress as the two leaders were not working as one/CFM

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 3 – Nairobi Woman Representative Rachel Shebesh on Monday affirmed that her decision to bury the hatchet with Governor Evans Kidero was guided by the church.

Shebesh said the wrangles were deterring the county progress as the two leaders were not working as one.

“The decision to forgive the Governor was mediated by the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of which I am a member and my mother who is a reverend of the same. It does not matter at what level you are or who you are, when a spiritual guide approaches you, you have to listen and obey.”

“They talked to me and I opted to forgive the incident and put it behind me. Also I realized that it was hindering the county development; news headlines had become Shebesh and Kidero,” she explained.

‘Manzi wa Nai’ as she is popularly known, added that the county was bigger than any conflict that they had and if the county was to progress they had to work as one.

Addressing the press, Kidero lauded the decision taken by Shebesh saying that he was ready to work with her and put the past behind them.

In his statement, the Governor referred to Shebesh as his sister saying, “My sister yesterday announced a reconciliation pact that I accepted and even confirmed it through social media.”

“As she said, this conflict has come in the middle of county development and this reconciliation is a fresh start and we will now work on the same page ensuring that we develop Nairobi together,” he added.

Nairobi Woman Representative Rachel Shebesh in a church service announced that she had unconditionally forgiven Governor Evans Kidero, following an alteration at City Hall last September.

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Shebesh told Capital FM News that she had taken the decision as a show of leadership.

“The next step will be now to clear the legal hurdles posed by cases which are pending in court since we both need to withdraw the complaints we had filed against each other,” she said on phone.

Shebesh was due to be charged with creating a disturbance while Kidero was to face assault charges.
Both leaders have obtained orders blocking their arrest after an initial court order gave them time to resolve the differences amicably.

The matter is pending in court.

Last week however, Shebesh was summoned to record a statement at the Kilimani Police Station after a guard claimed she assaulted him.

Shebesh however dismissed the claim, saying it was politically motivated to coerce her to drop the case she had against Kidero.

Shebesh’s lawyer Cecil Miller said that his client had complied with the police summons in order to help the police in carrying out investigations on the matter.

“Shebesh has mentioned a couple of people in her statement and we would expect that they would also be summoned, so that, they can record their statements and explain their version of the story,” stated Miller at the time.

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