Governors rally behind besieged Embu colleague

February 1, 2014 6:18 am


Wambora and Nditi are accused of abuse of office and corruption, although they deny the allegations/FILE
Wambora and Nditi are accused of abuse of office and corruption, although they deny the allegations/FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 31 – The Council of Governors has termed the process of impeaching Embu Governor Martin Wambora and his deputy as illegal and against the Constitution.

Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana, who is the Chairperson of the Human Rights and Legal Affairs Committee of the council, says there are other forces at hand against Wambora, arguing that it’s a bid to frustrate devolution.

“When anybody proceeds to disobey the court, it’s as if there are other forces at hand which are prodding the assembly and prodding the Members of County Assembly (MCAs) in question, to move against the Governor. This is a matter that is targeting devolution,” he said.

Kibwana says the council plans to hold talks with the people of Embu in a public forum to understand the real issue behind the impeachment.

“As Governors, we have decided that we will go to Embu at an appropriate time and we will be able to debate this matter with the people of Embu, to understand whether the MCAs are being fuelled by other people so that its really clear what is happening, but we are not going to be docile when we see any Governor being unfairly treated,” he stated.

Religious leaders in Embu County have also called for calm as the process of impeachment of the Governor and his deputy goes to the Senate.

The bishops said the church was concerned over the conflict between the office of the Governor and Members of the County Assembly (MCAs), saying the move would affect smooth running at the county.

The clergy led by Bishop Henry Kathii of the ACK Embu Diocese said the impeachment caught them by surprise as they had initiated dialogue to iron out the differences between the MCA’s and the county executive.

They called for a one-week prayer session and said they were still willing to mediate talks between Wambora and the County Assembly for the sake of unity.

Bishop Kathii urged all the elected leaders to put public interest first and strive to fulfil election pledges.

“The happenings at the county were not healthy as the state on insecurity has escalated with several killings already reported in some areas on the town,” Kathii said.

He said the leaders should put the interest of the public first and try to sort out their problems like the looming famine in various parts of the county instead of engaging in supremacy wars.

“Whatever the outcome of the impeachment, those involved should know that the county is greater than any individual involved,” he said.

The fate of Embu Governor Martin Wambora and his Deputy Dorothy Nditi now lies with the Senate after their impeachment motion was lodged on Thursday with the Senate.

The Senate is now expected to form a committee to probe the allegations levelled against Wambora and his deputy before voting on their impeachment.

The motion to impeach the two was passed on Tuesday despite a court order barring the assembly members from debating it.

Wambora and Nditi are accused of abuse of office and corruption, although they deny the allegations.

Embu County is the first to file an impeachment motion against a Governor and deputy.


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