Nyanza MPs warned against insecurity remarks

December 13, 2013 8:57 am


Nyakach MP Aduma Owuor is among local leaders warned by police. FILE.
Nyakach MP Aduma Owuor is among local leaders warned by police. FILE.
KISUMU, Kenya Dec 13 – Nyanza Regional Coordinator Francis Mutie has warned local leaders to avoid accusing police of failing in their mandate, and instead join hands in offering solutions.

Mutie said fighting insecurity is not a preserve of the police and the provincial administration but one that needs a concerted effort from all stakeholders.

He criticized Nyakach Member of Parliament Aduma Owuor who has been accusing police of failing to restore security in the region, and revealed that the legislator is under investigations.

“The MP has appeared in the recent past as the one championing issues on security but let me remind him that he cannot do this alone, we need each other to fight crime,” he said.

Mutie said the attack on security apparatus in the county, by the legislator, is not a remedy but a setback.

“Our security agencies are trained on how to tackle crime and the lecture and bashing from the MP is not doing us good,” he said.

He told the legislator to go slow in his ever increasing attack on the police and revealed that the legislator is under investigations over some criminal activities in the area.

“I tend to think the MP want to distract the attention of our investigators who are closing in on him regarding some criminal activities,” he announced.

He absolved the security team from the blame, noting that there are remarkable steps in the fight against crime in the county.

The provincial coordinator announced that regarding the death of the MP’s parents, police are making crucial leads that might lead to the arrest of those who were behind the heinous attack.

He advised Aduma to team up with the security agents in Nyakach and offer the valuable advices he has to the police to help in containing cases of cattle rustling and other incidents in the constituency.

“The MP should stick to Nyakach issues, find solutions and direct the barbs against the police and my office elsewhere, we don’t need them,” he said.

During the celebrations to mark Kenya at 50 in Kisumu, Aduma blamed Mutie alongside the police force in the county for the worsening situation of insecurity in the region.

“And the governor must take this up. What is the role of the purported coordinator Mr. Mutie, what is he doing, what is his constitutional role, is it to preside over the massacre of our people,” he told the crowd gathering at the Kenyatta Sports Ground.

Aduma noted that there is little to celebrate about as Kenya attains 50 years since independence because of the soaring insecurity in the county.

“We are here but I think in this 50 years there is every little to celebrate. When my father was killed, am wondering why Mutie is not here today and yet a day before my father was killed he was 2 kilometers around my home purportedly addressing insecurity issues, “he said.

In the quick rejoinder, Mutie told off the MP and urged him to be part of the insecurity solution and stop pointing fingers yet one of his obligation is to ensure security of its people is guaranteed.

“We always do our part but leaders must also rise above cheap politics and understand that security matters are vital and needs support from one another,” he said.

Kisumu County Governor Jack Ranguma also voiced his concern over the issue and noted that hyping insecurity issues in the county will scare aware investors.

“I plead with our leaders that security needs our commitment. Discussing this matter over and over again scares away our investors,” he said.

Ranguma announced that his government will work closely with security apparatus in the county to improve security of the people.

“We have already received four vehicles which my government will hand over to the police to help them tackle insecurity challenges,” he said.

The governor said his office will strive to offer assistance to the police who are faced with numerous challenges ranging from staff shortage to inadequate vehicles.

He further announced that the county is finalizing the establishment of the county policing authority to beef up security in the county.


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