No room for claptrap in my regime – Uhuru

December 16, 2013 4:32 pm
President Kenyatta is greeted by government officials upon landing at the Eldoret Airport. Photo/PSCU
President Kenyatta is greeted by government officials upon landing at the Eldoret Airport. Photo/PSCU

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 16 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has told off power brokers whom he accused of using politicians to try and force through government contracts.

Speaking in Eldoret on Monday afternoon, Kenyatta said the influence peddlers were frustrated at failing to secure State contracts, and were using ‘inexperienced’ politicians to coerce his government.

“There are some people who think they have money and they can broker government contracts. I want to tell the brokers that regime is gone, this is a new government. Those who think they will continue getting government contracts and if they don’t get them they think they will frustrate government projects, they will be unsuccessful,” he warned.

Kenyatta who addressed a rally in Ruto’s stronghold spoke in Kiswahili and sent a tough message to corruption cartels that his regime would not yield an inch.

He said despite attempts by such individuals to slow government projects, his administration was determined to implement its infrastructural plans.

He made it clear that he and Ruto had no time for such individuals whom he says belong to yesteryears.

“Because you did not get a contract to construct the railway, you now want to use a politician to halt our plans… forget that brother, the railway will be constructed, you can go and look for another opportunity, but you will not stop us from developing and moving this country so that you can enrich yourself,” he said.

He said his government will not be duped into nepotism which he blamed for many years of stagnation of government projects and poor delivery of services; “Those who think they will tell me who I will hire or fire should forget it.”

Kenyatta declared he would lead Kenya for 10 years while Ruto will take over for another 10 and advised their detractors to cool off and wait for their time.

“I want to tell them, to wait for me to finish my work in the next 10 years; wait for Ruto to finish his 10 year tenure. Relax and learn about politics then when your time comes you will do want you want to do,” he said.

His deputy Ruto who spoke extensively in Kalenjin also warned them that they had been hardened by harsh politics.

“We have been in parties where people told leaders who should be ejected. We were ejected until those thrown out of the party were more than those left in the party,” he said.

He also told them the ICC issue should not bother them. “This issue of ICC should not bother you, God has seen us through a lot. During the election people said we would be jailed, and told you not to vote for us but hasn’t God blessed us and we have now formed the government?” he queried.

Ruto also said the government was keen to ensure inclusivity and competitiveness in awarding of government projects and distributing services in the country.

“We don’t want people who are causing disunity. We don’t want to form a government that is discriminating people. We want to give service to all.”

He echoed Kenyatta’s remarks and said they will not allow any people to bring politics into the government development agenda.

Ruto said their commitment is to fight corruption and do things practically.

“During the elections we said our party is about saying and acting, or did you change to saying and heckling while I was away at The Hague?” Ruto asked the crowd.


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