Marsabit leaders summoned by the CID

December 9, 2013 8:16 am
Kenya Red Cross personnel help to rescue an injured child during skirmishes in the past. Photo/AFP
Kenya Red Cross personnel help to rescue an injured child during skirmishes in the past. Photo/AFP

, NAIROBI Kenya, Dec 9 – Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo has summoned all leaders from Marsabit County to the CID headquarters on Monday morning to record statements over the violence in the region.

According to the Kenya Police Spokesperson Zipporah Mboroki, the leaders summoned include the Governor, Senator, and area Members of Parliament.

The police spokesperson also said that other elected leaders will record their statements at the county CID headquarters. She says they are going to assist the Police in their investigations over the rising insecurity in the region.

“This will help the police get the necessary information on the ongoing security challenges in the region,” she said.

In a period of three weeks, a total of 43 houses have been burnt, two people have also been killed and one injured according to police. Police have also arrested 32 people.

Following the violence, the government also deployed the Kenya Defence Forces in Northern Kenya to help contain ethnic violence.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Lenku had stated that the government resolved to deploy the military to the region because they are better equipped than the police.

Ole Lenku also put on notice leaders, whom he accused of inciting the youth to violence, particularly in Moyale, Mandera and Marsabit.

He had initially explained that the Marsabit County Government would be able to share its resources equitably once it got financing from the national government.

The process of transferring money to the Counties is still in progress.
“The leaders have committed themselves to ensuring fairness in resource sharing,” noted Lenku.

Other than possible incitement by politicians, the conflict in the County has also been fuelled by deep seated issues like conflict over land and grazing areas.

Leaders from the County had earlier urged the government to appoint a committee to investigate the real issues that are causing the unending conflict in the County.

The leaders had condemned the ongoing vicious cycle of tribal clashes in the county that has resulted to senseless killings of innocent lives and destruction of property with thousands of Moyale residents forced to seek refuge in the neighboring country of Ethiopia.


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