Muthangari police chief stable after shooting

November 12, 2013 2:39 pm


The officer in charge of Muthangari police station Krop Lipa was shot on Monday by thugs/FILE
The officer in charge of Muthangari police station Krop Lipa was shot on Monday by thugs/FILE
NAIROBI Kenya, Nov 11 – The officer in charge of Muthangari police station Krop Lipa, who was shot on Monday during a gun fight with gangsters in Nairobi’s Lavington suburb, is in a stable condition in hospital.

Lipa was shot as he and his officers engaged three thugs in a shootout after they sought refuge in a residential house near Mzima Springs.

Speaking when he visited the officer at the Nairobi Hospital, the Cabinet Secretary for Interior Joseph ole Lenku said Lipa was responding well to treatment.

“Yesterday he was not speaking which he is doing today. We had a good conversation with him and he is responding well to the medication,” he said.

He said that the government was going to foot the bills for officers wounded during the incident.

Lenku also warned those engaging in crime, saying the government was going to firmly deal with them.

“We urge all those engaging in crime to desist from doing so, we are going to get you,” he warned.

He assured the government was going to continue empowering the police with the necessary equipment required in the crime war and also for their safety.

“We will continue to improve our officer’s ability to combat crime in provision of equipment and safety materials,” he said.

Two other police officers were injured while two thugs were killed after Monday’s robbery attempt at a Lavington petrol station.

The elite Recce Company of the GSU ended the five-hour gun gang siege with regular police in under 10 minutes.

Dagoretti police chief Mathew Gwiyo told reporters at the scene that they recovered three pistols and 22 bullets.

Recounting the events leading to the shootout, Gwiyo said the police foiled an attempted robbery at a petrol station and pursued the armed robbers who were in two vehicles.

“One of their cars veered off the road and hit a post before the occupants jumped out and escaped on foot as police pursued them. They later took refuge in a private residence,” he said.

At the residence, one of the suspects was killed by police near a flowerbed where he hid and a revolver found on him, while the other one was killed by the Recce squad officers.

On Tuesday, Lenku explained that the government would intensify security across the country.

“The country is safe and we shall ensure we maintain this,” he guaranteed.

Speaking of the incident, Nairobi County Commander Benson Kibui said police already have information that will lead to arrest of the thugs who escaped during the attempted raid.

“We already have information of those who managed to escapeā€¦all the information has been given by the members of the public,” he said.

He asked those with illegal firearms to surrender them, recounting what criminal gangs did at Dandora dumpsite recently.

“The amnesty is there, please surrender before we come for you.”

He said police were also monitoring police officers who have been either fired because of misconduct or retired from the service.

“Those who engage in crime, we shall definitely arrest them,” he affirmed.

Former officers in the service have been lately accused of joining or assisting criminal gangs.

Kibui said police will not shy away from using their fire arms, when dealing with armed robbers.


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