Marsabit leaders fear for renewed clashes

November 16, 2013 2:17 pm
The leaders want the national government to set up a peace-seeking team in the area. Photo/MIKE KARIUKI
The leaders want the national government to set up a peace-seeking team in the area. Photo/MIKE KARIUKI

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 16 – Jubilee leaders from Marsabit County have urged the government to appoint a committee to investigate the real issues that are causing the unending conflict in the County.

The leaders condemned the ongoing vicious cycle of tribal clashes in the county that has resulted to senseless killings of innocent lives and destruction of property with thousands of Moyale residents forced to seek refuge in the neighboring country of Ethiopia.

They have also called for the resignation of Marsabit County Governor Ukur Yattani and his leadership for not doing enough to foster peaceful coexistence in the region.

“We are calling for the resignation of Yattani and a banishment of the whole county government because they are not doing their work of representing the whole county, “said Ibrahim Woche Jubilee Activist Marsabit County.

Sharing the same sentiments was Marsabit Businessman Mohammed Chute who claimed that there were fears of fresh violence and called for urgent action.

“People are arming themselves, they are practicing shooting with guns, and we are calling for the government to intervene,” Chute said.

Chute also accused the governor of practicing nepotism in the appointment of the county government and called for the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission to investigate what he termed as skewed awarding of tenders in the county.

“The tenders awarded in the county are skewed to benefit 100 percent of his family members and his campaign bankrolling businessmen and we are calling the Anti Corruption commission to investigate,” Chute said.

The cycle of violence in Marsabit is a complicated one with accusations and counter accusations between the resident communities. The larger Borana tribe claims it has been marginalized in the county leadership which mainly comprises people from the Rendille, Gabra and Burji (ReGaBu).

Two Months ago the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) were been deployed to man the Kenya-Ethiopia border, owing to the increased fighting in the county.

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