Killer UmoInner Sacco fleet licences revoked

November 1, 2013 8:40 am

And it was at this point that Kamau took on the Judiciary and demanded that they too take responsibility for Wednesday’s accident.
“There are certain things that you cannot do without visiting the site and I think the magistrate or judge who gave this injunction ought to have visited this site. I don’t think we should carry out our jobs in an abstract manner,” he said.
Kamau then called for an audit of all injunctions ordered by the courts saying many of them seemed to apply, “eternally.” 
And leading from the front, Kamau directed the police to begin inspecting PSVs at their termini as opposed to on the road where drivers can evade the arm of the law as was the case on Wednesday. 

“We are going to all bus termini. I don’t care how many cartel’s fight back. We’ll go in with armed officers if we have to,” he vowed. 

It however remains to be seen if Kamau’s fiery directives will mirror the periodic success of the Michuki rules as the death toll on Kenyan roads reaches critical levels. 

“Forty people in Ntulele, last week seven people in one accident, the following day seven people in another accident, the following day seven people in another accident and the day before yesterday a train?” Kamau posed incredulously. 

“Be it politicians, be you a magistrate, be you a policeman, be you a matatu person, all those people who are perpetuating madness it’s got to stop, it’s got to stop,” he stressed.

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