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Kenya ready to work with all donors – Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto addresses development partners/CFM

Deputy President William Ruto addresses development partners/CFM

NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 19 – Deputy President William Ruto has opened the sixth development partnership forum where he stated that the government has no problem whatsoever in working with international development partners.

Speaking at a forum with representatives from over 100 donor agencies on Tuesday morning, Ruto indicated that Kenya recognizes that all partners mean well for the country and as such there should be a spirit of cooperation to facilitate partnership.

The meeting was attended by heads of missions from various countries, notable among them the UK, US and France which have recently faced criticism after they abstained in the crucial ICC vote at the UN Security Council.

“I want to assure all of you that our government will receive your input and consider it in good faith. We will engage with our charismatic dynamism and energy. My door and that of the President will always be open for constructive dialogue and consultation,” he urged the envoys present and encouraged them to work closely with the Government and align their programmes fully with it.

He said that the forum will provide a platform for review and re-charting of the working relationship between Government and development partners.

He emphasised that such action is critical to the successful realization of development strategies in the country.

“Donors need the reassurance that they are not funnelling funds to dodgy characters and our framework aims to relieve the burden of constant auditing to evaluate aid effectiveness,” he said.

He explained that following the talks, it is expected that useful perspectives and inputs that will enable better cooperation with Kenya will be achieved.

“We are all alive to the Aid Effectiveness’ principal that includes mutual accountability, alignment and harmonisation. Furthermore, we understand development partners’ efforts to the civil society as part of the development support to Kenya. I do not feel it necessary to demonstrate the government’s commitment to constitutional implementation and devolution,” he said.

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He further emphasised that the government is focused and committed to achieving economic transformation in a way, which will also uplift the standard of living for all Kenyans.

“After the inauguration, the allocation for County Governments was doubled to more than double the constitutional minimum amount provided. We are through the Ministry of Devolution implementing every key initiative of the government through the devolved units,” he stated.

He further urged them to share information with the Government when planning their activities.

“Our government is the custodian and trustee of vision 2030. Full execution of this remains our unshakable commitment. In it we see an excellent opportunity and strategy of delivering the crux of vision 2030,” he said.

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