Kibwezi West poll losers in fresh court threat

October 17, 2013 9:53 pm

, PATRICK-MUSIMBAMAKUENI, Kenya, Oct 17 – Kibwezi West poll loser Richard Kalembe Ndile has now threatened to go back to court over the elusive parliamentary seat.

He has accused Kibwezi West Returning Officer Noor Gedi of conspiring to keep him out of office and incompetence.

“How can they (the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission) allow the same man (Gedi) who messed up the last time round to conduct the re-do,” Ndile posed incredulously despite not having raised any objection to Gedi’s re-appointment prior to his defeat.

Ndile went on to accuse Gedi of high-handedness when he continued to read out the by-election results despite his protests.

“If he doesn’t take my complaints now he can take them in court,” Ndile said as he stormed out of the IEBC tallying centre to what he described as his own tallying centre.

“I want to verify the results. I’ve paid keen attention to the last four provisional results they put up on the screen and they just don’t add up. I’ve been short-changed 107 votes. How many more will I find when I go through everything,” Ndile again posed.

And as Ndile stormed out of the Kibwezi Technical Training Institute, the constituency tallying centre, Patrick Musimba made his grand entrance in a convoy of hooting cars that stood in stark contrast to the lone pick-up he drove in when going to cast his vote earlier in the day.

This time round he was also accompanied, not only by his wife, but by a contingent of supporters who made light of Ndile’s threat.

“Let him go to court if he wants, everything is possible without him,” they chanted as they led Musimba round the tallying centre.

Musimba’s supporters caused such a raucous that Gedi was forced to climb on top of a table in a bid to quiet them.

But even though security agents eventually succeeded in ejecting the jubilant crowd, the furore is unlikely to die down with Juliana Kisimbi also threatening to move to petition Musimba’s win come Monday.

“There was heavy voter bribery and manipulation of resources, especially water,” she told Capital FM News despite only complaining of, “uprooted,” posters earlier in the day and at that charging mainly Ndile’s supporters of perpetrating the defacement.


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