There’s more to Kenya than referenda – Ruto

September 14, 2013 2:56 pm
The Deputy President chats with Devolution Secretary Anne Waiguru. Photo/ DPPS
The Deputy President chats with Devolution Secretary Anne Waiguru. Photo/ DPPS

, KIAMBU, Kenya, Sept 14 – Deputy President William Ruto has maintained that calls for a referendum are politically motivated by those who lost in the last General Election keen on finding a new platform for a political relevance.

Ruto said that architects of the referendum were eager to distract the Jubilee Government from delivering services to Kenyans.

The Deputy President spoke at Kieni in Kiambu County where he issued cheques worth Sh350 million to 805 families who were displaced during the 2007 -2008 post election clashes.

“The country has just gotten out of an election and cannot be dragged back to a referendum at the whim of certain individuals,” said the Deputy President.

He insisted that the country cannot afford to be in an election mood for ever; as this will stall growth.

“From 2002 we have carried out elections and referendum in as many years – isn’t it time we settle down and develop the country?” he asked.

”We cannot be moving from a general election to a referendum and vice versa as if there is nothing else we can do as a country,” he asserted.

At the same time he dismissed as day dreamers those who anticipate a vacuum in the country’s leadership and said that the Jubilee government was steadfast and ready to roll out its programs as contained in its manifesto.

Ruto noted that the government will continue to function even when President Uhuru Kenyatta’s trial kicks off at the International Criminal Court.
At the same time Ruto said that the government will set aside 40 percent of next year’s budget towards devolution adding that the matter does not need a referendum as claimed.

“We promised in our manifesto to allocate upto 40 percent towards county governments unlike our critics who forgot to do so. For us to put these monies in the budget does not require a referendum,” he said.

He said time for politics is over and called on Kenyans especially the political class to settle down and embark on nation building.

Kiambu County Members of Parliament led by Githunguru MP Njoroge Baiya said that the country has come of age and should not succumb to the control of international NGOs through the ICC.

“We shall not allow NGOs and other foreign powers to control this country through the ICC,” said Baiya, sentiments echoed by other MPs.

Kiambu governor William Kabogo said that foreigners were using ICC to sneak neo-colonialism back to the country, a move that shall be resisted by Kenyans.

He said Kenyans were not ready to sit and watch as popularly elected leaders were intimidated through drummed up charges.


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