Kabogo denies assaulting university girl

September 12, 2013 10:11 am


The Kiambu Governor told the inquest probing the death that he had no reason to assault her/FILE
The Kiambu Governor told the inquest probing the death that he had no reason to assault her/FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 12 – Kiambu Governor William Kabogo on Wednesday denied assaulting Mercy Keino, a University of Nairobi student who died two years ago under mysterious circumstances.

The Kiambu Governor told the inquest probing the death that he had no reason to assault her.

He refuted allegations by a prosecution witness that he slapped the late Keino June 17, 2011 at Wasini Apartments in Westlands.

He termed the allegations as false and outrageous and wondered why someone would want to implicate him.

He told the presiding magistrate Peter Ndwiga that he would have no reason to manhandle a lady, saying she was even drunk.

According to Kabogo, he tapped Keino on the face after she caused commotion at the apartment.

He said the allegations have only served the purpose of damaging his name.

According to his testimony, Kabogo had arrived at the apartments at around 9.30 pm to meet one of his friends.

The Governor described the deceased as one who had a ” unique character amongst us”.

He regretted the unfortunate incident and empathised with her family for losing such a young lady who was about to graduate from the university.

On September 11, 2012 a witness had told the court that Keino was spotted running on the road towards oncoming traffic 45 minutes before she was found dead.

Michael Njenga recounted that he saw Mercy running towards his car waving at him to stop at around 2.30am.

“I was driving shortly after 2am from a club in Westlands to drop my nephew and his girlfriend. I saw a lady walking towards my car waving at me to stop. I observed her for about five seconds. She was wearing a dark spaghetti top. I did not stop, I swerved to avoid her,” he had recalled.

When he drove back through the same spot shortly after 3am, he told the inquest that he noticed her body lying on the road. “I spotted something on the road; I veered off the road… I also spotted a polo car that also swerved. I slowed down and saw a female body laying on my right side. The body was of the lady I had seen waving at me before.”

Njenga said he then drove to the Parklands Police Station to report the incident but did not manage to record any statement after he was referred to the traffic department and failed to get an officer to take his statement.

The witness however could not tell the inquiry the date or the month when he noticed the body, even though he recorded a statement with the police three days after Mercy’s body was found. He said he did it after he learnt of her death.

During cross-examination, lawyer Cliff Ombetta put Njenga on the spot after he said the girl was walking towards his car, while in his statement with police he said the girl was running.

Kabogo had been summoned to give his side of the story after being adversely mentioned in the death of Keino.


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