Foreigners join Westgate blood drive

September 24, 2013 6:06 pm


Israeli ambassador Gil Haskel said acts of terrorism are not unique to Kenya alone/MUTHONI NJUKI
Israeli ambassador Gil Haskel said acts of terrorism are not unique to Kenya alone/MUTHONI NJUKI
NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 24 – Diplomats from the international community on Tuesday joined hundreds of Kenyans at Uhuru Park for the blood donation initiative by the Kenya Red Cross Society.

Tanzanian High Commissioner to Kenya Batilda Salha Buriani said that they joined Kenyans in this trying times and offered support as the country picked up the pieces following the Westgate attack.

Buriani who was accompanied by Tanzanians living in Kenya condemned the atrocities caused by the terrorists at the mall adding that through the immense support shown, it is clear that Africa is united as a continent.

“I was impressed by the Kenyan people at how they came out in large numbers to donate blood to their own and as Tanzania we also join them to show our solidarity,” said Buriani.

“We as Africans are one and when one of us is in need then the others have to come in and assist in any way possible and that it what we are doing as Tanzanians,” she added.

Her words were echoed by her counterpart, the Israeli ambassador Gil Haskel who said the acts of terrorism are not unique to Kenya alone.

He also promised to continue giving to the Kenyan government any support they may need in the Westgate incident.

“Terrorism is not unique to one country, one nation or one race alone.”

“It is and international evil that must be uprooted and as Israeli we have sworn to stand by Kenya in any trying moment,” said Haskel.

Red Cross Secretary General Abbas Gullet told Capital FM News, “We have so far collected slightly over 6,000 pints of blood to help various hospitals that are treating victims of the Westgate attack.”

“Our target however is 10,000 pints to effectively help all the victims and also replenish the blood banks that we took blood from.”

“The turnout has been overwhelming but we kindly ask that Kenyans to not only wait for disaster to donate blood.”

“Our blood bank requires a total of 400,000 pints of blood annually to be able to sustain the population in case of any disaster,” said Gullet.

He also expressed gratitude to the numerous volunteers that have shown up at blood donation centres around the country and hundreds of Kenyans that have been streaming in.

Kenyans from all walks of life and international citizens have been gathering at Uhuru Park and at other blood donation centres in the country in large numbers and this has been evident in the long ques.

One Donor Alice Kimani explained her wait saying, “I have been here since 11am and it now 4pm but I am patiently waiting because I am helping my fellow brothers and sisters in need.”

“Today is them tomorrow is me so we have to be united and remember each other in our times of need,” said Kimani.


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