Referendum calls selfish agenda by losers – Ruto

August 15, 2013 2:49 pm


President Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto share a light moment at JKIA before president left for Russia/DPPS
President Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto share a light moment at JKIA before president left for Russia/DPPS
MOMBASA, Kenya, Aug 15 – Deputy President William Ruto has dismissed calls for a referendum saying they are politically motivated.

Ruto said the calls have nothing to do with the constitution as architects of the referendum push claim.

The Deputy President said those agitating for the referendum supported the constitution which is just a few months into full implementation.

“The people calling for the referendum are those who lost in the last General Election and are keen on finding a new platform for a political competition,” said Ruto.

“Look at them straight into their eyes and ask them if they will be pushing for a referendum if they had won the election,” added Ruto.

He said the country cannot just get out of an election mood to be later followed by a referendum.

“It is time to call a spade a spade. If you lose an election, there is another chance next time. Election losers should take time to prepare for another election,” said Ruto.

He said it is only be fair for political leaders to settle down and implement the programs they promised during the last campaigns.

He said the Jubilee Government will not be distracted in its pursuit of implementing its manifestos.

The Deputy President called on county governments to utilise funds well to spearhead development across the country.

Ruto said prudent use of funds would enable county governments deliver meaningful service to the public.

The Deputy President said the Sh210 billion released to the counties will give leaders at the grassroots the money they need to deliver services to the electorate.

‘What remains is for National and County governments to build a working rhythm that will ensure that all mandates are executed to the satisfaction of the people of Kenya,’ said Ruto.

The Deputy President made the remarks on Thursday at the Leisure Lodge, Mombasa, during the Law Society of Kenya Annual General meeting whose theme was realizing devolution under the constitution.

Ruto said devolved governments should live up to the expectations of the people by putting the devolved funds to projects and services that benefit the public and promote equitable distribution of resources even within counties.

He said devolution’s promise of equitable sharing of national resources was one of the main reasons we enacted a new constitution.

“It is therefore most opportune for me to address this gathering of learned friends for the simple reason that for the first time in Kenya’s post-independence development, the constitutional and statutory instruments of fiscal transfer of resources from the national government to the 47 counties have been faithfully activated,” he said.

“We must at once reconcile the decentralisation of power and resources with strengthening of national unity,” he added.

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