Inquiry for what? asks Rogo’s widow

August 26, 2013 3:48 pm


Sheikh Aboud Rogo (seen here in a file photo outside the Nairobi Law Courts) was gunned down by unknown people on August 27, 2012. Photo/ FILE
Sheikh Aboud Rogo (seen here in a file photo outside the Nairobi Law Courts) was gunned down by unknown people on August 27, 2012. Photo/ FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 26 – The family of controversial Muslim cleric Aboud Rogo who was gunned down in Mombasa last August has dismissed plans to form a public inquiry into his death.

His widow Haniya Saida Saggar said the government was not committed to resolving the murder because those behind the unnerving death were yet to be apprehended.

Saggar claimed that the government had a role to play in the assassination and should therefore leave the family in peace.

She added that there was no need for the government to misuse public funds in the name of investigating her husband’s death because such an investigation should have been carried out immediately after his death.

“On Tuesday we will mark a year since my husband was murdered but those behind the chilling murder are yet to be apprehended and it is unfortunate,” she said.

Saggar, who spoke to Capital FM News in Mombasa, also maintained that her husband had nothing to do with the terrorism accusations that he had been linked to prior to his death.

She claimed that the government’s earlier inaction was because it was protecting American interests which she also argued had something to do with her husband’s death.

She added that unknown persons had been following their son over suspicion that he had taken over his father’s alleged terrorism links.

“They should leave the family in peace and stop trailing my son wherever he goes. This is more than torture to us and I fear that one day they might execute him,” she explained.

She said the family had not yet recovered from the ordeal. “Anti terrorism police officers continue to terrorise my family by intimidating us.”

Last year, police raided Rogo’s home and arrested his son Khubedi Rogo and his friend over alleged association with terrorism.

Rogo was trailed from his home in Kikambala and killed under a hail of bullets near the Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach in Kisauni as he drove his wife to the hospital in broad daylight.

His death sparked violent protests all over Mombasa County and its environs.

The Director of Public Prosecutions then formed a Task Force to investigate the circumstances surrounding Rogo’s death and it is this team that recommended a public inquiry into the death.

The Task Force that had been formed had already interviewed 29 witnesses in the probe as well as review 11 police files on the matter but a report on these findings has never been made public.


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