Chaos on Kisumu-Kisii highway over trader’s death

August 5, 2013 2:00 pm


Photo illustration of a street protest/FILE
Photo illustration of a street protest/FILE
NAIROBI Kenya, Aug 5 – Residents of Kabondo Kasipul constituency led by the area Member of Parliament Silvance Osele on Monday blocked the Kisumu-Kisii highway at Chabera market to protest the killing of a local trader.

There was drama as police tried to remove the body from the scene of crime against the wish of the MP and area residents.

Addressing the media, Osele accused the police of taking away the body before doing any examination to establish who may have killed the trader.

He added that the body was removed from the scene unprofessionally saying investigations should start from the scene of crime.

“We have stopped them from taking away the body from here. I have told my constituents that we are going for a meeting with the security team but the body must remain within Kabondo Kasipul. Investigations must be done right from the scene of crime,” he said.

He asked the police to be vigilant in order to curb crime in the area but maintained that there must be proper investigations to ascertain who were involved in the killing.

“What is so important that this body cannot wait here? They now want to escape with the body making me think there is conspiracy by somebody who knows what is happening,” he charged.

“I have not even seen any person wearing gloves or even the area being sealed off as a scene of crime.”

Police led by the area police chief Prisca Nasio were forced to fire in the air to clear the road to allow motorists to ply the route.

Nasio said the police have launched investigations into the killing that saw the deceased hacked to death and his body found dumped in a thicket.



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