Kenya gets Sh1.5bn for Aids, TB and malaria

July 1, 2013 2:28 pm
National Treasury Secretary Henry Rotich. Photo/ FILE
National Treasury Secretary Henry Rotich. Photo/ FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 1 – The government on Monday received Sh1.5 billion from the Global Fund towards the fight against AIDS/HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.

The money was received by Cabinet Secretary for the National Secretary Henry Rotich.

This amounts to approximately Sh51 billion that has so far been disbursed towards the initiative which has seen a significant reduction and management of the diseases, especially HIV/AIDS.

Rotich pledged to ensure proper utilisation of the funds.

“Kenya has been receiving money from donors such as the Global Fund but due to bad governance, the money does not get to the intended persons. We are now glad that we have a functioning government that requires an audit of the funds,” said the Secretary.

He added; “The Global Fund support has made a great difference in the healthcare system and the economy by increasing the productivity of Kenyans. We will continue to provide resources to see that our healthcare is able to sustain itself.”

Global Fund representative to Kenya Mark Dybul noted that Kenya has made great strides in combating HIV though tuberculosis still needs a lot of attention so as to get to the global targets in its reduction especially in HIV/AIDS patients.

“We are impressed by the work that Kenya has done in the use of funds previously. However, there remains a lot to be done when it comes to combating tuberculosis especially in patients that are suffering from HIV/AIDS,” said the representative.

“The funds will support the purchasing of machines that can detect drug resistance in tuberculosis patients so that better and more effective treatment can be administered to the patients,” he added.

Rotich asked civil societies to work with the government and the Global Fund in combating diseases.


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