I’ll take Makueni, Mutula Jr declares

July 26, 2013 10:29 am


Mutula Jr casts his ballot at Uma Primary School/MIKE KARIUKI
Mutula Jr casts his ballot at Uma Primary School/MIKE KARIUKI
MAKUENI, Kenya, Jul 26 – Broadcast cameras and even smartphones were focused on Mutula Kilonzo Junior when he cast what he called, ‘the winning vote,’ at Uma Primary School in Makueni County.

Mutula Jr who is one of five candidates battling for the Makueni Senate seat in Friday’s by-election seemed happy with the process in general, and perhaps more importantly how his details were affixed on the ballot paper.

“When I voted on March 4 this year at the same polling station I never used that gadget that they used to find my fingerprint and picture so I’m happy that they are now functioning.”

“I was a little worried as a candidate about the portion where they have put my name but I’ve checked and I think it has been done well. I was worried that somebody could remove it, pluck it, et cetera, et cetera but from what I have seen it looks like it was a good job,” he said.

It turned out however that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) team that affixed his details on the ballot papers missed a few.

“There are persons who went and didn’t find my name in some ballot books. Particularly in Kibwezi but everybody knows that if my name is missing from the ballot book that ballot book is excluded,” he explained.

He wished away the mishap as falling within the margin of error. “This is a normal election in Kenya therefore a normal election has glitches. It’s not an exercise in perfection so we expect glitches here and there… delays once in a while but most of the people have been given their right to vote.”

He expects to upset the winning margin his late father secured as Makueni Senator on March 4.

“I will wear his shoes, polish them and tie the shoe laces,” Mutula Jr said.

With half of the 253 registered at Uma Primary School having already voted by mid-day, it remains to be seen if Mutula Jr’s new found confidence in the IEBC will be carried through to the tallying exercise.

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