Fresh govt dilemma as nurses prepare strike

July 19, 2013 2:36 pm


Fresh govt dilemma as nurses prepare strike/FILE
Fresh govt dilemma as nurses prepare strike/FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya Jul 19 – The Kenya National Union of Nurses (KNUN) says that a 21-day strike notice issued on July 5 to the government is still in force.

KNUN Secretary General Seth Panyako says that the industrial action will take effect next Friday if the government doesn’t address their issues.

“We have given the government enough time and if they don’t act at the stipulated time, we will be on the streets” he said.

Panyako says the government should therefore move with speed and address issues raised without delay.

“We will not back down. We have done this before and we have proved that we are a force to reckon with and if the government cares about the health of Kenyan public they should not hesitate,” he said.

In the strike notice, the union demands the government employs 40,000 maternity nurses as well as abolish all contracts involving nurses and absorb them.

“We want the government to discard the proposed Ministry of Health administration organization structure and implement the proposed organizational structure for health services,” he said.

The union also wants the government to immediately release union dues.

“We also want the finalization of scheme of services for nurses and implementation of final draft,” he revealed.

He says the government must also put in place mechanisms to ensure changes to the Constitution through Amendment Bill 2013 to establish the Health Service Commission.

“The government should also reverse the transfer of personal emoluments for nurses and other health workers,” he demanded.

He said that the government should also complete negotiations of Comprehensive Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with KNUN.

Panyako however revealed that the government has called for negotiations on July 25, a day before the end of the strike notice.


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