Chinedu accomplice sneaks back into Kenya

July 12, 2013 4:31 pm


Anthony Chinedu in court during his trial in Kenya/FILE
Anthony Chinedu in court during his trial in Kenya/FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya Jul 12 – Police have launched a manhunt for a suspected drug trafficker who sneaked back into Kenya barely a month after he was deported to Nigeria alongside his accomplice Antony Chinedu.

A senior police officer has told Capital FM News that Eneke Chimenze alias Anaeke Chimezie is believed to have found his way back into the country through the Namanga border from Tanzania.

“We want to know how this suspect came back yet he is not supposed to be here at all,” a senior police officer said “because he was deported.”

The officer told Capital FM News that detectives had visited the Namanga customs office where several officers were interrogated as part of the investigations on how the persona non-grata gained entry into the country.

“One of the immigration officers who was on duty when this person crossed over is in custody,” the officer said, adding “he may have to face charges in court.”

A crackdown on drug traffickers was launched last month following President Uhuru Kenyatta’s orders.

The first casualty of the president’s order was Chinedu who was among several other suspects who were deported.

The deportation turned out to be a major headache for the government for several weeks after the Nigerian government detained a chartered aircraft that flew them back. The fiasco revolved around Chinedu’s demands to be brought back to Kenya to pursue his ‘investments.’

On Friday, President Kenyatta spoke on the issue at an editors’ breakfast saying: “We stood our ground and said that cannot happen however long they held that plane. We told them they must stay with their people and the matter was eventually resolved and the plane was released.”

The Head of State who was responding to a question on the diplomatic row caused by the deportation said: “Kenya has no problem with Nigeria or Nigerians; they are fantastic people and we encourage them to come and invest here but not involve themselves in drug trafficking.”


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