Uhuru asked to reject Revenue Bill

June 7, 2013 12:32 pm

CIC Chairman Charles Nyachae on his part argued that the Senate must be involved in the passage of the Division of Revenue Bill because it touches the very core of their business.

He noted that the Bill touched on the finances of Counties and it would be illogical to lock Senators out of its debate.

“The exclusion of the Senate, whose sole justification is to protect the interests of the Counties, from having any role in the most important Bill that affects the finances of the Counties is not only unconstitutional but it goes against basic logic and reason,” read a CIC statement.

The Chairman of the Council of Governors Isaac Ruto accused Members of the National Assembly of attempting to intimidate the Senate thereby derailing devolution.

He explained that the President would have a difficult time deciding which version of the Bill to assent to and that the best option would be to ask the two Houses to resolve the row.

“We are alive to what happened to the Senate in the 1963 and we are aware of the calls to kill the Senate. What better way to kill devolution than by ignoring the Senate?” Ruto posed.

“In our estimation some 18 Counties will fall short of delivering their services and others will have a shortfall of up to Sh3 billion in their budgets if we don’t get Sh248 billion.”

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