Terror suspect shot dead by police in Mombasa

June 17, 2013 7:09 am


A past terror incident in Mombasa. Xhinua.
Scene of a past terror incident in Mombasa. Xhinua.
NAIROBI, Kenya June 17 – A man described by police as a wanted terrorist was shot dead by police in Mombasa on Monday morning.

The man identified by police as Kassim Omolo Otieno was gunned down during a dawn raid at his house in Mlaleo area of Kisauni, police said.

“We had been looking for him because he is a dangerous terrorist,” outgoing Coast Provincial Police chief Aggrey Adoli said.

“The man was armed with grenades and rifles when he was confronted,” he added. Two grenades and a pistol and an AK 47 rifle were recovered from the slain man.

Adoli said they had been trailing the suspect since he arrived back from Somalia where he had gone for training on Al Shabaab activities.

Kisauni deputy divisional police Chief Joseph Sanguti has told journalists the suspect was shot dead when he engaged officers in a shoot out.

An intelligence officer has told Capital News beat that they started trailing the slain suspect on learning he was planning to a terror attack with his accomplices.

Last week, a grenade was hurled at a church crusade in Likoni wounding 17 people, in an incident that occurred simultaneously with another one in Eastleigh, Nairobi where four people were wounded in a similar attack.

A terror suspect accused of perpetrating the Nairobi was gunned down two days later in Biafra area.

“We have intensified security in the city to avert any attack, we are working closely with members of the public,” Nairobi police chief Benson Kibui said.


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