Sex tape official jailed in China: Xinhua

June 28, 2013 9:14 am

, POLICE CHINABEIJING, Jun 28 – A former Chinese government official who became infamous after a video showing him having sex with a mistress was leaked online has been jailed for 13 years on bribery charges, state media said Friday.

A court in Chongqing sentenced Lei Zhengfu, the former top official of one of the megacity’s districts, the government-run Xinhua news agency reported without giving details.

Lei shot to fame after blogger and journalist Zhu Ruifeng released the sex video late last year, along with lurid details of a blackmail scheme which saw a property developer amassing videos of several officials having sex.

Others involved in the blackmail scheme, which highlighted links between sex, money and power in China were handed shorter jail sentences.

Zhao Hongxia, who was recorded having sex with Lei, was given a jail term of two years with a two-year reprieve, Xinhua said.

Zhu released the video in the wake of high-profile statements by Chinese President Xi Jinping declaring a crackdown on corruption, which he said threatened the future of the ruling Communist party.

But he was later detained by police, who have also arrested other activists calling for government officials to disclose their financial assets, with one said to have been charged with “inciting state-subversion.”

Corruption among a number of low-level government officials has been exposed in the wake of Xi’s call to end graft, but analysts say the president will be reluctant to expose misdeeds among high-level officials, who are the key source of his support in China’s ruling Communist party.

Chongqing was rocked last year after its police chief fled to a US consulate, setting in motion a scandal which saw the city’s top Communist Party official Bo Xilai arrested and his wife convicted of murder.


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